Food and Beverage Court

Church of the holy spirit keeps 100% of the profits from all of the food booths run by parishioners.

Holy Taco!
At holy taco the food available is quesadillas. tacos, nachos, and giant burritos.

The pizza both features pizza from old town pizza. Pizza is available by the slice or a whole pizza.

Spirit Bistro
This new booth features chicken shish kebabs over gourmet rice. Also available at the spirit bistro are fresh fried gourmet potato chips season with your choice of four different seasonings.

Off the Grill
Offers fresh grilled options such as hamburgers, bratwurst, and hot dogs. In addition you can purchase beef sandwiches, and pork sandwiches.

Cool Delights
For dessert stop by the cool delights booth. Available there are delicious strawberry banana smoothies or your choice of a variety of ice cream bars.

Corn Roaster
For a wonderful tasty side dish, fresh hot corn on the cob right off the roaster is a very popular choice. It is Available on the cob or cut off the cob and with a variety of tasty toppings such as mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, lime, and chili powder in addition to the more traditional butter and salt and pepper.
Aguas Frescas
At the Aguas Frescas booth you will be able to purchase a variety of fresh fruit waters such as mango or watermelon water. Chicharrones are also available.

Pop Booth
Pepsi products are available for purchase by the can.

Beer and Wine
A selection of several types of beer and wine are availalble.